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Marcus Wood


Bat consisted of a series of performances and installations which took place across different locations in London and the South of England.  They were focused on a large bat sculpture some three metres high painted in marble dust gesso and capped with gold leaf.  The bat also had an offshoot or offspring, a baby bat that could be a child, a court jester, a younger sibling.  The two bats always appeared together in the work.The  final installation and filmed Performance happened at the Gardener Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton England.

Film 'Kiss the Bat' 2008


These images are stills taken from the film Kiss the Bat 2010.  The film starts with a meditation which pits the violence with which the Baseball Bat is associated (in relation to gang murders and domestic abuse) against its positive energy, as the key symbol for a complicated sport.  Baseball has united America after the Second World War with Japan, Puerto Rico and most wonderfully Castro's Cuba.  It has also been used to carry out murders in all of these territories.

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