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Marcus Wood

Turner - 2007

Turner (3).png

Still from the Film 'Turner'

The Performance and Film Turner consisted of framing what I hoped was the perfect shot of the old ruined pier on Brighton Beach with an October sun going down.  I let the camera run for half and hour  and I chatted to my friend Amanda.  The inanity of our conversation was important in the face of such a vulgar display from old Mother Nature.

It took about ten goes before everything came together.  The silhouettes of two girls on the breakwater coming and going, an old geezer with a metal detector walking right by the camera (what do those people think they are going to find, a sewage pipe?).  Finally some canoeists came out and moved about like carrion crows under the Pier.  One thing that shocked me was the incredible swiftness with which the sun finally disappeared.  The light really does just die, the sun goes out.  I began to think of cave paintings, sun worship, and above it all Turner's horrifying Regulus. In this scenario the sun destroys the power to see.

Turner - 2007

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